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Minimizing the Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

The emotional distress of a divorce is usually multiplied when children are involved. Naturally, in many proceedings perhaps the primary concern of the spouses involves the specific custody arrangements for the children. Unfortunately, sometimes being so involved and worried about the legal process causes the parents to overlook the mental state of the children and how the divorce proceeding might affect their emotional condition. It is certainly important to understand the legal process of divorce and child custody, but our Santa Rosa divorce attorneys also recognize that understanding the mental and emotional effects of the legal battle on the children is extremely critical.child.jpg

According to an article in Life123, studies have shown that divorce can cause extreme negative effects on a child’s mental, psychological and physical health. It is important that these risks be accounted for to ensure the divorce is not unduly detrimental on the children. Compared to children who are products of a family whose parents stayed together, children of divorced parents are more likely to experience psychological challenges. The stress of divorce causes a higher chance of being diagnosed with attention deficit order and related behavior issues. Also, according to studies, it is common for children of divorced parents to feel compelled to mature at a much quicker pace by assuming adult responsibilities, such as those associated with care-taking roles. This expectation to act adult-like may cause increased anger and resentment towards the parents for separating.

Not only are children from divorced households at a higher risk of mental and psychological issues, they are also more likely to develop health problems, such as asthma, headaches and depression following the divorce. Such ailments may be physical manifestations of the mental and emotional stresses that children endure during the divorce process.

Fortunately, there are ways for parents to lessen the negative effects of divorce on the children. Our Santa Rosa divorce attorneys advise parents who are in the midst of a divorce proceeding to be mindful of not just the legal consequences of the process, but also the turmoil that the legal battle displaces unto the children.

It is common for children of divorced parents to blame themselves for the separation. To counteract this misconception, it is imperative for the parents to reassure the children that they are loved and that they are not the cause of the divorce. Further, it is important to communicate with the children and let them express their feelings regarding the divorce. Forcing the children to suppress their emotions and not allowing them to freely explain their thoughts can worsen the expected anger that is festering within, accelerating the development of mental and psychological challenges.

Unfortunately, parents in the midst of a divorce battle sometimes forget that they still have care-giving responsibilities that they need to fulfill in order to maintain the mental and emotional stability of their children. Our Santa Rosa family law attorneys appreciate that divorce matters are often emotional and complex situations. Each Northern California family law attorney at our firm has the experience to resolve the divorce proceeding as amicably and efficiently as possible so as to minimize the negative effects on not only the parents, but also the children.

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