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Divorce in Six Months or Six Years

Divorce can be a relatively quick process or an excessively drawn out dispute, as our Santa Rosa Divorce lawyers have seen in their practice. The process of having to wait six months and a day for your divorce to be final cannot be waived, but it is in your control to prevent your divorce from dragging on for years. The difference in the time it can take to obtain a divorce is evident in the case of Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kris Humphries and reality star Kim Kardashian vs, that of Humphries’ parents. According to the Huffington Post, after only seventy-two days of marriage Kardashian filed for divorce on October 31, 2011. Humphries is contesting the divorce and has filed for an annulment based on fraud. His attorney contends that he will prove that Kardashian did not intend to proceed with the marriage, and it was solely for the benefit of her reality show and to make money. The couple’s divorce trial is expected proceed next year and is rumored to be getting messier by the minute.

In stark contrast to this Hollywood style divorce, it was reported that Humphries’ parents recently decided to divorce after thirty years of marriage, yet they were able to come to an agreement before the divorce papers were even filed. Humphries’ parents have already agreed to spousal support, division of property, division of debt, and more. A signed settlement agreement was included with the divorce papers. With these agreements in effect, as reported by TMZ ,their divorce was final in only 26 days.

Factors That Affect the Speed of a Divorce:

The speed of obtaining a divorce depends on a variety of factors. Some couples will have little that they are going to contend over, and a divorce can be obtained quickly. Many couples prefer this method, as it provides a clean break for the relationship and allows them to move on with their separate lives faster. A quick divorce can promote the healing process for both parties as well. However, this is not always an easily obtained result or even a realistic possibility.

Many couples have a lot at stake during a divorce, leading to long battles in reaching an agreement. Some examples of main factors that could stall the progression of a divorce are child custody and child support, spousal support, and the division of marital property. If an agreement cannot be reached easily, the divorce process can drag on and on. It can also lead to bitter battles wherein the character of each spouse is brought into issue.Getting Legal Help in Northern California:
If you are contemplating a divorce, our Northern California family law attorney can help you obtain the outcome you desire, whether that means a speedy resolution or an agreement on a specific matter. The attorneys of Beck Law P.C., have vast experience advocating for their clients’ rights and desires in obtaining a divorce. They have the tools and experience to adequately protect your rights while navigating the difficult waters of a separation and a divorce. For a consultation regarding the specifics of your case, contact Beck Law P.C. at 707-576-7175 or contact us online.

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