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Divorce Attorney Questions For Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

divorce attorney questionsWhat are divorce attorney questions I should ask? If divorce is something you have contemplated of late, you likely have a number of questions and concerns. While you have been focusing on what divorce will entail in terms of the personal, financial, and social aspects of your life, and trying to imagine living arrangements and family relationships in the aftermath of a split, you probably have not even considered the issues you should be thinking about when it comes to choosing an attorney to represent you moving forward.   

Divorce Attorney Questions to Find a Reputable, Experienced Firm

When it comes to divorce, you really do not want your neighbor’s cousin who works from his basement chasing ambulances to represent you. The first thing you need to do is establish whether or not the firm is certified as a Family Law Specialist in California. Certification requires that a minimum of a quarter of the firm’s business is spent in this area, and that attorneys have completed additional coursework and undergone rigorous testing and peer review related to the state’s laws. It is certainly within your rights to request a meeting with the attorneys and staff who will be working on your case prior to signing on with a firm.

Discuss Payment Expectations

Divorce can be unexpectedly costly, so it is a good idea to find out what the hourly rates will be, what additional charges may be attached, and what is a ball-park idea of the ultimate cost.  Some simple cases will be relatively affordable. As more complex issues unfold, the cost will rise. Some divorce attorney questions might be; will the firm need to enlist the services of a private detective, a forensic accountant, or other specialists? Do you anticipate a bitter feud regarding property or custody issues?

Questions About Specific Concerns

If you have particular issues that you anticipate may be difficult in your situation, spend the initial consultation getting the attorney’s take on those problems. You may have visions of an outcome that is really not plausible under California law.  You want a straight-shooting attorney who understands your position and fights on your behalf, but who comprehends the realities of family law and helps you to engage in necessary compromise when it is called for.  

Get Tips Related to Behavior During the Divorce

You may be experiencing some pretty difficult emotions through the course of your divorce. A good attorney will help you to keep things in perspective by reminding you to protect your children from conflict, by keeping your finances in order, and by helping you to avoid regrettable behaviors like drunken rants on your Facebook page.

Moving On

At Beck Law P.C., our experienced Santa Rosa divorce attorney team will represent you with care and professionalism. Whatever your concerns moving forward, If you need a Lake County divorce attorney, Mendocino County divorce attorney, or a Sonoma County divorce attorney, we can help. Contact us in our Santa Rosa office to schedule a confidential consultation today.

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